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Description Pedicabs are uniquely equipped to help in move people through those last steps, while generating unforgettable memories and smiles. We call it the “last mile with a smile.” One client called us a “Smile Factory!” Associating a brand with this experience, is a powerful way to ensure the brand message is remembered, while strengthening the brand’s relationship with their customers. Sponsorship packages can consist of Free Ride Campaigns for the biggest impact or Mobile Outdoor Advertising. Both platforms offer sponsors an opportunity to get their brand in front of your audience, while generating additional revenue for your event.

Combining transportation with marketing is a no-brainer, which many events have done in the form of shuttle bus sponsorships, free car rides, etc. But many people that take public transportation, walk or bicycle to special events in San Francisco, and thus do not benefit from these services nor see the messages they carry. And it’s often the last mile that is most frustrating at crowded events.
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