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Description I Teach TEFL is an authorized franchise of Paradise TEFL.

Paradise TEFL was founded in 2003 by Stephen Gardner and Brian Gray. After taking other TEFL training courses and teaching in the USA and Asia, Stephen realized that there was a better way to prepare teachers for the actual job of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Consulting with his peers in the industry and based on his experience and knowledge, Stephen established the Practical Approach.

The Practical Approach, uses a combination of ESA and PPP methodologies to ensure that you are prepared to be a great teacher when you complete our course. The Practical Approach, while providing required academic information, focuses on a full 5 hours up to 50 hours of actual observed practice teaching and providing the student with practical living and working knowledge of the location where they will be teaching.

With more than 1000 graduates successfully teaching around the world, Stephen has honed this approach and it is being used by all the Paradise TEFL franchises. The teachers at Paradise TEFL have been trained and are fully qualified and accredited to teach the Practical Approach to their students.

Read the testimonials on what Paradise TEFL graduates have to say about the Practical Approach on our website!

Get the training you need to be a Great TEFL Teacher.

Mission The mission of I Teach TEFL is very simple:

"We want to give as many people as possible the skills, guidance and confidence they need to be Great Teachers using a Practical Approach with the lowest possible price and unsurpassed quality".

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