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About USA Martial Arts Academy has been offering instruction and training in MMA Taekwondo moo duk kwan since 2007. we are associated with The World Martial Arts Federation.
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Master Rodriguez received his 5Th degree black belt with the world martial arts federation in 2010. He is also associated with Amerstate university. He is the P.A commissioner for Amerstate University. He is licensed by the P.A Athletic commission as a MMA trainer. He is the founder of USA Martial Arts Fitness Studio Academy.
U.S.A Martial Arts Academy combines traditional martial arts knowledge and techniques with a modern, practical emphasis for students of all ages.

Students progress and thrive at their own pace in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Our hands-on instruction and investment in the student draws the best out of everyone. It is our goal to make your experience rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. We have 7 levels for you to commit yourself to a black belt status level 1, would be white level 2 yellow, level 3 green, level 4 blue, level 5, brown level 6, 2nd brown level 7 will be black. Each of all these levels have a meaning and learning process of mind and body development learning forms issues one on one defensive and offensive tactics.

WHITE BELT - White represents unmarked snow which covers the earth. Its blank whiteness
Indicates the empty page where the lessons of martial arts will be written
It signifies a purity and readiness to begin training.

YELLOW BELT - The yellow belt represents the morning sun shining softly down upon the
Earth Melting the snow to allow the plants to grow. The student is now
More open to receiving knowledge.

GREEN BELT - Now the little plant raises its head above the earth’s crust ready to
Explore life and growth. It signifies infinite growth potential.

BLUE BELT - The plant blossoms and the student begins to see his own inner strength.
A feeling of worth is nourishing the student, encouraging growth.

BROWN BELT - Now the plant reaches for the distant heavens. The student reaches for
the zenith of his dreams. Those who are persistent obtain the ultimate
Victory of their desire.

HI-BROWN BELT - Well into the heavens on the strength of the great brown trunks of trees
the student is resting on the edge of all he has learned, leaning into the
World of mastery.

BLACK BELTS - The black belt represents the presence of all colors… like the presence of all of
This journey’s phases. Each Deputy color pays homage to the continual journey…

Mission Our goal is to educate and discipline and give starting principles to all our students to create a better society for our future, and having respect for all and committed to develop top quality black belts. For more information call Anthony at 717-471-0578 or email us at Thank you.
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