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About Видання для ділової людини, яка цікавиться бізнесом у всіх його проявах, хоче завжди бути успішною, стильною, цікавою особистістю.
Description Edition was founded as a communication platform for leaders and owners of businesses in December, 2010. The magazine serves as an instrument for an acquaintance, as well as a possibility to show strong points of every business (service, commodity), different types of activity.
That’s why, not only the content-filling of our edition is very important for us, the magazine’s creators (this is not only an editorial collegium, but also managers’ group, our partners), the process of every separately taken issue creation is very important too, taking into account the subjects and specific of profile themes. Then, the next magazine’s issue as well as a stage of every participant-creator’s life becomes more bright, saturated and unique.

We consider it’s important not only to create an interesting material, but also to attract interesting, charisma personalities, to organize useful communication in the process of preparation of every issue.

COMMUNITY is a possibility! Just in this way we position the edition in a business-environment. Everybody determines himself what is presently relevant for him - to sell, to buy, to get acquaintance or just to rest.

We provide a possibility of relevant information, necessary acquaintances and important meetings.
COMMUNITY is a magazine, which develops the sixth sense of success.
The edition for progressive personalities.

Web site http://www.community.com.ua

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