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About We aim to teach the art of Muay Thai to everyone no matter of age, sex religion or fitness levels. At our Schools the whole family can train. We teach people ranging from the ages of 6 - 60 so thai boxing is for everyone!
Mission We aim to teach the art of Muay Thai to everyone no matter of age, sex religion or fitness levels. At our Schools the whole family can train. We teach people ranging from the ages of 6 - 60 so thai boxing is for everyone!
Overview Classes are taught all over the north west.

We are in:

WIGAN - Unit 16 Millingford Ind. Estate, Golborne, Wigan, WA3


Classes are available throught the day and evening here ranging from Thai Boxing to BJJ.

Please contact for timetable......

WARRINGTON - Fit In, Unit 2, Warrington Road, Penketh, Warrington.


Tuesday & Thursdays - Kids 5 - 6pm - Adults - 6 - 7pm.

Saturdays - Adults - 11 - 12 am.

Private one to one sessions and small group classes are availible.

Phone 01942725778
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  • Alan Birchwood
    +2 Alan Birchwood

    I'm not sure how on earth they have stayed in business (yes they are still open despite their facebook page being as active as a corpse with rigour mortis) First of all their enquiries does not work on their webpage (time wasted) so I asked them about personal sessions through their facebook page but they just said to call. When I called them to see if I could do some one to one wrestling sessions they convinced me that I should do some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instead if I want to do some grappling (their wrestling coach has long gone by the looks of it.) Anyway they said that the trainer would give me a call, which he never did. I gave them another chance when I had a random friday off as I normally dont. I called them to check if the schedule for friday as I assumed it would be out of date and would double check that their MMA classes or on at 6pm. The guy who returned my call after no answer said that it was not 6pm but 5pm. The only other thing I needed to know was 'shall I just show up then?' ... 'erm, yes' and this was about the sum total of their incredible telephone manner. I then travelled to my parents house where I had left my gum shield and shin guards etc so I had everything I could possibly need for friday (more time wasted as you can guess.) When I found the gym on the friday at about ten to five, which I only managed to do so by asking someone as their is only one sheet of A4 (in their defence it did have landscape orientation to maximise its potential) with the name of the place on for people to more than likely miss. I then when inside to a very quiet-sounding, run-down looking entrance (loose bricks etc for your children to play with) up into the gym itself. There was only one person in there a not so interested character of about 20 years of age. I said 'have i got the wrong time? I'm here for the mma class at five' they basically said (in that im twenty years old and dont care about anything way) that it is a muay thai class and it is for kids and that did I get the time from the website. I said 'Yes, but I phoned yesterday to double check and they told me 5 oclock' he then said 'he must have assumed that you had a kid.' ... I had given them no impression that i had a kid whatsoever and they clearly do not like to advertise the fact that they are NOT AN MMA GYM (like it says above on this site, and on their own website) and THEY DO NOT HAVE A WRESTLING COACH (also still on their webpage and a questions avoided - from more than one person - on facebook.) The guy behind the counter offered up no solution, and by the looks of the place it was not because they were printing their own money - he just didnt care about how misleading they are and my time they had wasted. I had to fight through the traffic to go do a regular training session in a regular gym. One reason why I have given them 2 STARS instead of the expected one is because they have saved me hundreds of pounds in private tuition that I may otherwise have spent their, and they have given me the confidence that I could run a business better if I had half their training skills but much better customer service if ever I chose to do so. My final note is that the gym is in no where near the condition it was in when it was photographed for the website, to clarify they DO NOT HAVE A WRESTLING COACH AND DO NOT DO MMA CLASSES and so their qtr cage wall is as pointless as their telephone. They are certainly no better to speak to in person than they are on the phone, which i gave them the benefit of the doubt on. Its a shame because the place is 15 mins from my house (without bad traffic) and it sounded like they would train people who just want to get fit rather than to be world beaters. But if they do not already train you they are not interested in your business or answering your questions. I'd rather have a 2 hour round trip at a decent gym than bother with them, I gave them plenty of chances. STEER CLEAR OF THEM.

    almost 3 years ago