Soul House Paper Art/Paper Craft Design 仙之居 紙藝/紙紮 設計

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About Paper Artworks Designed & Made in Hong Kong 香港立體紙藝設計及製作 Paper installation, paper crafts, models - - by Amanda
Description Amanda, 一個普通的香港女生,從小喜歡藝術並醉心於手藝創作, 那年希望親手做一間別墅給往生的祖母,於是在完成第一座紙紮屋後, 便成立了"仙之居(紙藝)設計工作室"。最初只製作高檔紙紮品,後來更創作了多種立體紙藝裝置及擺設。
Amanda , a girl from Hong Kong, is an art and craft enthusiast. She has made her very first paper villa offering to burn for my deceased grandma few years ago, then she found “Soul House (Paper Art) Design Studio” which offered super fine tailored paper offerings and diversified 3D paper artworks and paper installations.
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