Magic Coal for Santa

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About Magic Coal for Santa is a book written by Ron Stiltenpole and illustrated by Ashlie Blake
Mission Author Ron Stiltenpole's mission is to bring a smile to the face of hearts young and old. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to St. Josephs Center in Scranton P.A.
Overview Set in the heart of coal country at the turn of the century, Magic Coal for Santa puts a new twist on an old tale. The magical story brings the era of coal mining and railroads back to life. Wonderfully illustrated by Ashlie Blake with a story unlike anything you've ever read before, Magic Coal for Santa is sure to become an instant classic as it captures the hearts and imagination of past, present, and future generations for years to come. Inspired by the legacy of his families coal mining and railroading heritage, author, Ron Stiltenpole is proud to present Magic Coal for Santa. A tale for the ages.

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