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Description I Love Kickboxing Atlanta! Come try the funnest, most fat-melting kickboxing workout in Atlanta, Buckhead and Midtown or just about anywhere in Atlanta. Our iLoveKickboxing.com fitness kickboxing program takes the kickboxing workouts of pro fighters - and makes them fun and accessible to anyone looking to lose weight. http://www.ilovekickboxingbuckheadga.com http://www.ilovekickboxing.com

We guarantee you'll flatten your stomach, tone your arms and legs, shrink your hips, and have the time of your life. Plus, nothing relieves stress more than hitting a heavy bag! Get ready to let all that stress go. Kickboxing Classes in Atlanta at I Love Kickboxing Atlanta are the best you can find anywhere in Atlanta!

So if you live in the following towns, this kickboxing class is close enough for you; Buckhead Kickboxing, Midtown Kickboxing, Brookehaven Kickboxing, Atlanta Kick Boxing, etc http://www.ilovekickboxing-buckheadga.com http://www.buckheadga-ilovekickboxing.com
Mission Changing lives one class at at time :)
Phone (470) 377-3854
Web site http://www.buckheadga-ilovekickboxing.com/

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