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About Darlene Tando, LCSW
Description I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice office near Hillcrest/Balboa Park, where I provide therapy with adult individuals, couples, family, and play therapy for children.
My work with children involves play/talk therapy to improve self-esteem, social skills, assertiveness, and feelings expression. I lead a weekly Social Skills group to help children improve social skills, coping skills, and overall quality of interaction with others. In my individual and couples work with adults, my focus is usually to improve mood and communication as well as decrease stress and conflict within relationships. In my work with families, I work with the family system to improve relationships, increase parental authority , and decrease conflict in the home. One of my specialties is gender therapy, so I assist transgender and gender-nonconforming clients (children, teens, and adults) explore gender, access resources, and support them throughout their transitions.
Mission Healing Children... Helping Families... Changing Lives...
One Heart at a Time.
Phone (619) 948-8926
Web site www.DarleneTando.com BLOGS: General blog about my work and my practice: http://darlenetandolcsw.wordpress.com/ Parenting Blog: http://darlenetandoparentingblog.wordpress.com/ Gender Blog: http://darlenetandogenderblog.wordpress.com/

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