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About TORSO BOOKING . We are open for NEW GIGS NOW !
Description Hi! We are an independent Booking Agency from Romania (Cluj-Napoca) : TORSO BOOKING . We are open for NEW GIGS NOW !
Mission Organizing live-acts/events. Booking independent bands from Romania and rest of the world
Overview Following the dissolution of ex-TBA CREW BOOKING (Romania), the new independent TORSO BOOKING is here to stay! Founded by John (ex-tbacrew member) and Paul Kiddiez ( vocalist for the Cluj alt.-funk fusion band Mushroom Story ) in the fall of 2010, TORSO BOOKING is a hybrid born out from the real need of experiment and passion for music. Based on the ex-Tba Crew experience with alt./indie/exp./rockabilly/psychobilly/electro bands from all over Europe (and the rest of the world) we aim to promote the best of national and international underground bands and performers. We encourage bands from all over the world to contact us for booking missing tour dates or for organizing a mini Romanian Tour. So starting with old school rock’n roll/rockabilly/psychobilly/garage/surf-rock/stoner-metal and ending with post-punk/alt./exp./indie/electro/idm, everybody is welcome AS LONG as they have something real and powerful to say on stage. Our values are based on that unique chemical reaction between the performance on stage and the crowd’s feedback. Mastering the experience from the ex-Tba Crew Booking events (aprox.59 events with aprox.87 bands/djs ) TORSO BOOKING is confident in it’s promoting capabilities as an independent booking agency.

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Phone 0040, 748251112
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