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About Bon Jovi is our love <3
Description Greatest hits ♥
1.Livin' On A Prayer
2.You Give Love A Bad Name
3.It's My Life
4.Have A Nice Day
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive
6.Bad Medicine
7.We Weren't Born To Follow
8.I'll Be There For You
9.Born To Be My Baby
10.Blaze Of Glory
11.Who Says You Can't Go Home (duet featuring Jennifer Nettles)
12.Lay Your Hands On Me
15.What Do You Got? *New Song
16.No Apologies *New Song

The circle ♥
1.We Weren't Born To Follow
2.When We Were Beautiful
3.Work For The Working Man
4.Superman Tonight
6.Thorn In My Side
7.Live Before You Die
9.Love's The Only Rule
10.Fast Cars
11.Happy Now
12.Learn To Love

Lost highway♥
1.Lost Highway
3.(You Want To) Make A Memory
4.Whole Lot Of Leaving
5.We Got It Going On
6.Any Other Day
7.Seat Next To You
8.Everybody's Broken
9.Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore
10.The Last Night
11.One Step Closer
12.I Love This Town

Have A Nice Day♥
1.Have A Nice Day
2.I Want To Be Loved 3.Welcome To Wherever You Are
4.Who Says You Can't Go Home
5.Last Man Standing
6.Bells of Freedom
8.Last Cigarette
9.I Am
12.Story Of My Life

Bounce ♥
3.The Distance
6.All About Lovin' You
7.Hook Me Up
8.Right Side Of Wrong
9.Love Me Back To Life
10.You Had Me From Hello
12.Open All Night

Crush ♥
1.It's My Life
2.Say It Isn't So
3.Thank You For Loving Me
4.Two Story Town
5.Next 100 Years
6.Just Older
7.Mystery Train
8.Save The World
9.Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
10.She's A Mystery
11.I Got The Girl
12.One Wild Night

These days ♥
1.Hey God
2.Something for the Pain
3.This Ain't A Love Song
4.These Days
5.Lie To Me
7.My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms
8.(It's Hard) Letting You Go
9.Hearts Breaking Even
10.Something to Believe In
11.If That's What It Takes
12.Diamond Ring

Keep the fath ♥
1.I Believe
2.Keep The Faith
3.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4.In These Arms
5.Bed Of Roses
6.If I Was Your Mother
7.Dry County
8.Woman In Love
10.I Want You
11.Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
12.Little Bit Of Soul

New Jersey ♥
1.Lay Your Hands on Me
2.Bad Medicine
3.Born To Be My Baby
4.Living in Sin
5.Blood On Blood
6.Homebound Train
7.Wild Is The Wild
8.Ride Cowboy Ride
9.Stick to Your Guns
10.Ill Be There for You - Jon Bon Jovi
11.99 in the Shade
12.Love for Sale

Slippery when wet ♥
1.Let It Rock
2.You Give Love A Bad Name
3.Livin' On A Prayer
4.Social Disease
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive
6.Raise Your Hands
7.Without Love
8.I'd Die For You
9.Never Say Goodbye
10.Wild In The Streets

7800 fahrenheit ♥
1.In And Out Of Love
2.The Price Of Love
3.Only Lonely
4.King Of The Mountain
5.Silent Night
6.Tokyo Road
7.The Hardest Part Is The Night
8.Always Run To You
9.(I Don't Wanna Fall) To The Fire
10.Secret Dreams

Bon Jovi ♥
3.She Don't Know Me
4.Shot Through The Heart
5.Love Lies
7.Burning for Love
8.Come Back
9.Get Ready

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