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About Nganglam is located in SouthEast Bhutan...Which is under Norbugang Block,Pemagatshel Dzongkhang...
Description Nganglam welcomes new beginning

home 19 April, 2010 - Stifled by border security problems for years, during which time business stagnated as thick undergrowth took over, the township of Nganglam in the southeastern border area is finally showing some signs of growing into Pemagatsel dzongkhag�s commercial hub.

The largely makeshift township is today crowded by hundreds of expatriate construction workers and civil servants and villagers day in and day out.

The turnaround came with the start of the construction of the Nu 7B Dungsam cement plant, the largest in Bhutan, two years ago. �The building of the Nganglam-Gyalpoishing highway, which will link the border town to Mongar and the East-West lateral highway has also increased regular customers by the hundreds. �Several government offices have also opened up in the town creating a permanent market.

�I opened shop here in 1981, one of the first five people to do so, because the Dungsam cement plant was to be built then,� said Pelzang.

�But the militant problem quashed any chances of growth. Even the project shifted to Gelephu,� he said.

Travelling to the neighbouring Indian town in Assam, India, became difficult as road conditions deteriorated. �It took more than five hours to get there, even in winter,� said another shopkeeper, Nanda, 47. �In summers, most of the time, we�d not cross the swollen streams. Thus, there was no business at all.�

Tendel, 66, owns the only bakery in town. �He earns at least a thousand ngultrums a day selling cakes and other products. �My previous general shop could hardly earn Nu 100 a day,� said Tendel.

The three hotels in the township are also enjoying unprecedented business. �The completion of the cement project and the Gyelposhing-Nganglam national highway are going to make Nganglam a commercial hub,� said Jigme Tenzin, a hotelier.

Land prices at prime locations have also tripled to Nu 20,000-25,000 a decimal from Nu 8,000 earlier. �A 900 acre area has been demarcated to build a planned township.

At present, only four residents have land registered in their names. All other shops are on government land. �The new town plan would greatly help the people in terms of building permanent shops,� said the gup.

By Tshering Palden
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