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About Guttural nonsense, blastbeats, slammification, friends and fans getting buckwild.
Description Started in 2006, by Clay Lamanske and Joey Daterape, FTA was started purely as a way for us to release our music, it has since become kind of an underground cult classic in the grind world, an underdog if you will. It has remained as a place for friends and fans to get the realest underground disgust put out by human beings. We added fellow musicians EFRO, Sinworm, Phalloplasty, and PTPP and all are still with us to this day! Other reptable names that have been associated with FTA are: Slaughterfarm Gangbang, Bdussy, FRSS, and Complexity of Perversion.
Early 2011, Cemetery Rapist became the first band off of our label to gain label notice as his next album has been picked up by RottenRoll Rex, we are all proud of Clay and are excited to see where he goes with it, as for the rest of us, keep an eye peeled and an ear open, as we will continue to bring the true FTA sound you have all come to love and appreciate!

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