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Description Tafuri Studios- A Place for Makers of Things
Tafuri Tough™ quality leather components, hard to find exotic leather supplies, Workshops and master classes (groups welcome), laser rental, product photography, and **Tafurious™ brand accessories**
Mission Distributing my devilishly delicious jewelry to the inner rock star in every chick, while supplying enough leather pieces for other designers to do the same.
Overview Tafuri Studios is a multi-faceted studio that matches it's multi-faceted owners. Find Tafurious™ brand accessories or Tafuri Tough™ fine leather supplies for designers. Operated by artist/photographer, Mary Tafuri, and her partner and leather worker, Blue Tafuri, our studios provide commercial photography services, Leather and jewelry workshops (groups welcome), laser rental, and studio and classroom rental.

We are the proud makers of Tafuri Tough™ fine leather beading supplies. Sparked from the design of one leather clasp, our component line has grown to include dozens of leather pieces and bracelet blanks. Our fine leather clasps, strap leather, and bracelet blanks are the perfect addition to the supply box of any designer. Our pieces have been featured on craft project television in "Beads. Baubles and More", as well as Bead Style & Art Jewelry magazines.

Tafurious™ brand jewelry and accessories, is a labor of love by life time jewelry designer, Mary Tafuri. Many designs feature our fine leather, brass or silver, genuine Swarovski crystals & handpicked gemstones. The brand, "Tafurious" is a fun little play on our last name, Tafuri, pronounced "Ta Fury" (not TaFurry...). This is my face when I'm trying to look fierce: O_o
Web site www.tafurious.com

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