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About Get the freshest, most premium, highest-performing sneakers to make sure you stand out.
Description Dunkeys is a Philippine-based Online Retailer specializing in authentic Nike sneakers including but not limited to: Jordans, Kobes, and LeBrons. We are sneaker aficionados, whom are mad about sneakers... just like you! We understand your obsession and we also understand how expensive this sneaker madness can be. So, we at Dunkeys are determined to pick up the newest and the most AWESOME kicks, and provide them to you at a reasonable price.

What 'Problem' Are We Addressing?

Fake Sneakers-Air Jordans, Lebrons and Kobes

If you are looking for a new pair of sneakers, you would obviously be confused as to how and where to look out for an original pair. The potential for fake or so the called replicas increases rapidly and with the internet offering anonymity and convenience of shopping, fraudsters have tried to take advantage of this facility by peddling fakes on their websites.

So, how are we to know whether we are paying for an original pair of sneakers or are we being fooled? It is important that we do our research so that buying a genuine pair of sneakers becomes easier.

Luckily there is an online shop that sells and gives a lot of information about genuine sneakers to ensure that they you can avoid fake products.

All Hail Dunkeys!

The Concept

As the internet grows up fast, Dunkeys aims at providing people with an easy and convenient way to get the most updated sneaker news and a place where to shop the authentic and hard to get Nike sneakers to the rest of the Philippines.

The Goal

Dunkeys will soon provide sneaker fans with other products, not just Air Jordans. It's not only a great place for Nike sneaker devotees, but a place for everybody. You can get what you like at our online store and experience the enjoyment of online shopping.

The Guarantee

All of our sneakers are 100% authentic, purchased from authorized retailers. We DO NOT sell factory variants or fakes.
Phone 09179536000
Web site http://dunkeys.com/

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