श्री क्षत्रिय युवक संघ "The unit of warriors"

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About • Achieving the best is a natural objective of every person but the sangh’s main objective is to make people realize the eternal objective and achieve it. The eternal objective is to find the god who has created us.
Description Chronological history :On December 22,1946,the Shri Kshatriya Yuvak Sangh was founded by Shri Tan Singh Ji. The Period when the British Empire was on its decline in most of its colonies and the independence movement in India was on its peak. After 10 centuries of foreign rule the independence was knocking the door of India. After Second World War the decline of British Empire was almost sure. Despite these global changes our Rajput leaders were still worshiping, “Long live the king” the British empires and were in the illusion of maintaining status. Particularly during the British era Rajputs drifted from their known values, courage, characteristic and dedicated role in the society to the path of all round decline.

The whole Rajput community was direction less and clueless about their future. The leaders were indulged in lavish livings, praising British Raj, protecting their self interest rather than the community and the country.
• It was the ‘Diwali’ of 1944 when the Pilani town in Rajasthan was lighted with lamps, people celebrating the festival. On that day there was a young Rajput boy sitting lonely in local Rajput Hostel room in deep thinking. He was worried about his community and lots of questions were coming in his mind such as, what will happen to my community? Will my community come back to its lost pride? Can there be a ray of light that can enlighten my community and what will be that source? Who can lead our community? Why I am born and what should I do with my life, can I be any help to my community? It was this deep thinking that gave birth to the KYS. This young child was no other than Shri Tan Singh Ji who was the founder of this organization.
• As it happens with most young organization initially there were activities, namely conferences, congress, meetings, lectures, Bills of action, election of office bears, etc. The first sitting session was organized from 31.12.1945 to 1.1.1946 at Jodhpur and second from May 11-12,1946 at village Kali Pahari in Jhujhunu district of Rajasthan
• Shri Tan Singh Ji was in constant touch with the intellectuals, educated, writers and well known leading persons of the community. But he was not satisfied with the progress during one year. Mean time he moved to Nagpur to peruse his law education. He Kept constantly thinking about the community and very soon realized the limitations of his past activities and thought of doing something new.
Tan singh ji invited all members of working committee at malsisar house ,jaipur there Tan singh ji presented the current modus operandi of sangh and it was accepted by the working committee members
On very next a big milestone was achieved by founding the Shree Kshatriya yuvak sangh on 22 December 1946
• Immediately after two days of its foundation on December 25 to 31,1946 the first camp of KYS was organized in Jaipur
And after that the voyage begin which is still running
Mission To gather rajput all over the world and increase dominance in rajputana
shivir to taught them their duty as rajput and make them perfect both physically and mentally..
Phone 91_141_2466353
Web site http://WWW.KYS.ORG

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