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About Darji Samaj of California was established in 1997.
Description The creation of the Darji Samaj of California was inspired by Hamendra Nagin Gaiwala, an early immigrant who arrived in 1975 from the Fiji Islands. Over the next 20 years, the number of Darji families increased, and from it grew a desire for community identity. In early 1997, Darji families gathered for an informal meeting at the residence of Hamendra Gaiwala which lead to the creation of the Samaj. Venilal Nagin Gaiwala, Pankaj Master and Hamendra Nagin Gaiwala officially began the Samaj by organizing a community event on 10/19/1997. Hamendra Nagin Gaiwala continues to be the backbone of the DSC. As the First President of the Darji Samaj of California, he motivated the formation of the group and continues to remain active in all Samaj activities. He is the face of the DSC. In the past 17 years, we have strived to remain connected to our Hindu culture, inspire our youth, and build on our Darji community traditions. Annual events are held alternatively in Southern and Northern California. In 2007 a very successful 10th year Anniversary was celebrated in Sacramento. First woman President of a Darji Samaj was Mrs. Kalpanaben Jina of San Jose, California. The Darji Samaj of California launced an Academic Excellence Program in 2013 which spotlights Darji youth achievements and rewards them for their outstanding scholastic work. In each of the three California regions, Darji families celebrate Hindu New Year. This yearly tradition in particular, has been occurring in the Sacramento Darji Community for over 35 years. Dedicated Samaj Sevaks, bring joy to the entire community.
Mission To promote and participate in the betterment of the Samaj (Darji Community/Families) through community action and pride.
To establish and maintain an effective line of communication between the Samaj members within California.
To bring awareness and community pride in the youth (young members) in the Samaj and its activities.
Phone (916) 832-2350

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