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About 『Banana Taipei 台湾嬌蕉包』
Description We are spree organizer who help others to buy from Taipei (we have agent who stay in Taiwan and visit to the store physically).
You may wish to visit Banana. Taipei official website to find out more:

Banana Taipei now doesn't accept oversea order anymore, thus please be aware if your bags are authentic as there're a lot of fake bags in the market which claim themselves as "authentic".
Please visit here to verify if your bag is authentic :

We accept international only Malaysia and Singapore order.

All prices are inclusive of shipping fee, NETT price.

How to order?
Please post to our wall and we will pm you the relevant details

ETA will be around OCTOBER

We will provide original receipt from seller to prove that our bags are original

Intro of Banana Taipei!!!!!!!!!
Banana Taipei Bag is finally here! =D

'Birkin' bag can't get any cuter than this eco-friendly bag by Banane Taipei! =D A big hit in Taiwan among the celebrities as well as all over the world!

Since its first release in April 2010 their workshop has never stop receiving orders from all over the world! So much that the waiting time to get this bag is about 1 - 1.5 month as they can only produce a limited bag (around 6 bags) in an hour!

What is so special about the bag? Well it's a 'birkin' bag in a 100% Cotton canvas eco-friendly material! It has all the 5 sides of Birkin bag printed on it's material.
How cute is that!

You just google on Banana Taipei and you'll see how this cute bag has taken over the world!From Taiwan, HongKong, Emirate and even London showcasing their new limited edition bag!

Mission [quote from seller]
2010年4月1日 BANANA.TAIPEI推出『嬌蕉包』

21世紀的今天,環保概念蔚為世界潮流,反璞歸真、回歸自然的理念不斷地於各個不同領域中持續發燒;除此之外 支持本土文化亦為現今重要議題之一。 猶記台灣於經濟起飛草創時期,毫不起眼的香蕉,為當時的台灣帶來了豐厚的外匯存底;香蕉的意義並非僅有其曾為台灣帶來的經濟榮景,它也意味著豐富的台灣精神與文化底蘊。

世界的環保概念碰上台灣的香蕉精神,2010年的春天,一群熱愛本土文化的設計師團隊,背負著傳遞台灣精神的使命,設立了『嬌蕉國際有限公司』並建立了自創品牌『BANANE TAIPEI』。 嬌蕉國際有限公司本著愛地球、愛台灣的理念結合了創意、獨特且幽默的想法創造出風趣十足的『夢幻嬌蕉包』系列環保購物袋商品,其秉持著百分之百台灣製造的堅持與愛地球的決心, 將環保與時尚完美結合,並向本土傳統產業與樸實樂天的精神表達深深的敬意;尤以高貴不貴的概念,打造出『嬌而高貴、蕉而樸實』之形象以充分表達嬌蕉國際的經營理念。

對嬌蕉國際而言,其商品絕不僅止於創意的表現,而是充滿著熱愛台灣與地球的堅持及態度。我們想告訴全世界,台灣這片土地有著無限的想像力與創意,這就是屬於台灣人的精神, YES! IT IS MADE IN TAIWAN!!

Source: BANANA.TAIPEI Official Site
Overview [Quote from BANANA.TAIPEI]
BANANA.TAIPEI推出 『Banana.Taipei嬌蕉包』

一群創意人因 『梁家婦女柏金包』

Source: BANANA.TAIPEI official site
Phone 83732922
Web site 淘寶上的嬌蕉包VS台灣正品嬌蕉包 2011新款嬌蕉包亮相 換LOGO防仿冒 百分百國產!嬌蕉包藝人愛!_VKrxrmTAhivPg039DeddMA- 中視 BananaTaipei 綠色創意 嬌蕉包 [HQ] 嬌蕉包創始!綜藝節目製作 王偉忠愛將 大S伴手禮涉侵權 愛馬仕告嬌蕉包 百分百國產!嬌蕉包藝人愛-民視新聞 MONEY我最大 BananaTaipei 嬌蕉包

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