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About Neckmike is a unique and patented headset that enables clear communication and hearing protection in high-noise environments such as power sports.
Description Neckmike combines a throat microphone with with two high-fidelity ear bud speakers with noise-isolating ear plugs to enable LOUD & CLEAR communication, unaffected by ambient noise including wind, engine noise, machinery and firearms.

The Neckmike M4 Bluetooth system enables full duplex communication over Bluetooth at a range over 1/2 mile (1,000 meters) for rider-to-rider communication between up to 4 persons, with a convenient handlebar remote for safe operation.

Motorcyclists, race car drivers, wing suit pilots and many more appreciate the unique advantages of Neckmike for their sport.

Neckmike may be used with or without a helmet, and is available in several Bluetooth or hardwired configurations, compatible with most mobile phones, two-way radios, GPS units, etc.
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