MTE (Meet The Entrepreneurs) - Charity Concert 2012

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About Fostering Responsible Enterprise, Forging Responsible Society 推动责任企业,缔造责任社会
Description The benefiting organisations are:

1. Club Rainbow (for the critically sick children)
2. Dignity Kitchen (Hawker training school for the handicapped people)
Mission 1. Promote awareness of social responsibility to local entrepreneurs.
2. Lending support and care to the benefiting organisations
Overview More than 30 well-known and successful entrepreneurs are taking the lead to promote corporate social responsibility to Singaporeans in the form of a Charity Concert with performances from none other than these entrepreneurs themselves.
They are:
Alvin Yapp - INTAN/BusAd
Andrew Chow - IdeaMart
Benjamin Kwan - TravelClef
Benny Se Teo - 18 Chef
Charlie Lim - Clip Studio
Chung Ting Fai - CTF Law Firm
David K K Kwan - Art of Biz
Deborah Torres Patel - Expressing You
Genecia Luo - InQueenz
Genie JunYi - Genie Sound Advice
Jimmy Wong - JF Lennon
James Wee - Edupac Marketing
Kason Kee - Kaze Event
Koh Seng Choon - Dignity Kitchen
Larry Tan - ClickDolphin
Lee Woon Chiang - Uncle Ringo
Lu Ting Jieh - Photographer
Ngiam Wan Lee - Sculpture Workshop
Moonshi - CommGate
Patrick Liew - HSR
Roger Koh - Chen Fu Ji
Sreyashi Sen - CReeed
Sygrin Koh - Chen Fu Ji
Sally Leong - MusicDreamer
Sam Wong - Music Teacher
Michelle Wong - Singapore Myanmar Liaison
Welson Ang - Expressprint
Willy Lim - NetProfitQuest
Yan Fu Cai - Go!Enterprise
Zave Huang - Smoov
We are expecting to add more to the list between now and 16th January 2012....
Phone +6582828203

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