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About ‘e’ refers to automation while “Vida” means ‘life’ in Spanish. eVida depicts a fusion between tech and life,providing Smart Home Care (SHC) solutions.
Description The name ‘eVida’ comprises of an ‘e’ and a ‘Vida’. ‘e’ refers to automation (e.g. email, e-commerce etc), while “Vida” means ‘life’ in Spanish. Hence, the name “eVida” depicts a smooth fusion between technology and life which we seek to deliver as part of our Smart Home Care solutions.

What exactly do we provide? Like a technology architect, eVida designs personalized smart home solutions through the conscientious deployment of smart controllers, sensors and devices, coupled with customised smart logic programming to provide the home owner with unrivalled convenience and protection.

In addition, we develop and build unique patient care solutions for healthcare applications. These two specializations lead to the formation of eVida SmartHome and eVida Healthcare.

eVida SmartHome: www.evida.com.sg/homeautomation

eVida Healthcare:
Phone +65 9689 4955

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