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About Offering Himalayan varieties in Peruvians, Silkies, Coronets, and Teddies for showing, breeding, and the occasional loving pet. Priced $30 to $80.
Description We offer show and pet quality animals in limited quantities when available. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any animal at our discretion.
To place any available animal on hold a non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price must be received in advance. Pictures will be posted on the sales page of available animals. Additional pictures may be available by request and only under certain circumstances when applicable.
After 7 days all sales are final, non refundable, and non negotiable. Show quality animals will be listed when available. I can not offer a gaurantee longer than 7 days due to conditions that are beyond my control once the animal is in the buyers possesion. Should the animal perish within the 7 days after purchase, the buyer is required to send pictures and a veterinarian report and/or diagnosis to receive a full refund. No exchanges will be offered unless otherwise agreed upon.
In the event that you are unable to care for your Enchanted cavy, you may bring the cavy back at any time during the span of its life. No monetary refund or exchange will be given under any circumstances unless otherwise agreed upon or stated. Any monetary exchanges under this event must be performed in writing under certain terms.
Under certain circumstances you may request to be added to our "Hard" or "Soft" waiting list for certain varieties, breeds, and/or sex. These requests must be sent via email with a $10 non-refundable deposit to be added to the "Hard" list. The "Hard" list has the benefit of first refusal of any offered animal with the benefit of being kept on the list until a suitable animal becomes available. The "Soft" list works as follows, once an animal becomes available that fits your request I will contact you. You will have 48 hours to respond before I move on to the next person on the list and you will be removed.
Prices vary depending on quality and variety of available animals. Animals placed on hold must be picked up as soon as possible unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in advance. The maximum time allowed for pick up is 14 days, or 2 full weeks. Any animal that is not picked up within the time specified and other arrangements have not been made will be placed back up for sale. In certain circumstances the purchaser may request additional time to make arrangements for pickup, should this occur the buyer will be charged boarding fees of $1.50 per day that must be paid in advance. Any for sale animal can be transported at no charge to any upcoming show attended by Enchanted Caviary.
Payment methods accepted are cash, PayPal, & Money Order. No personal Checks will be accepted.

All changes are Effective 4/13/15

*Shipping Information*

Shipping is available out of Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta Georgia. A minimum purchase of 3 cavies are required for shipping to be considered. Continental is the perferred shipping agency. All items such as carriers, feed dishes, water bottles, bedding, health certificates, and the cavies themselves must be paid for in advance and shipped to me well in advance of the shipping date. All arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. A $30.00 charge for transport to the airport is required without exception. Shipping is only available during the cooler months due to health risks associated with shipping during the hot summer months.
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