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About Jabneh Christian Academy is a "concept" which offers parents and students an alternative approach to education.
Description Jabneh Christian Academy
Alternative Schooling
We Nurture. We Enlighten. We Build.
Email: jabnehca@gmail.com
Tele: 876-284 2910/ 457 4005/ 799-6899
Jabneh Christian Academy is a “concept” which offers parents and students an Alternative approach to education. J.C.A. is not a church school; it is a Christian institution where the principles of the Holy Bible are employed and maintained as the standard.
J.C.A. believes that every child has the nature of God embedded within and with special care, diligence, strategic planning, much prayer and an individualised approach to learning, each child can realise his/her mission and potential in a holistic manner.
Natasha Francis-Campbell conceptualised and started Jabneh Christian Academy September 4, 2006. The institution started as a home school with seven students and continues to grow as more individuals like you want something and somewhere that can cause the seed of purpose to flourish.
J.C.A. is committed to providing quality education to all students regardless of ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, culture and learning style or pace in an environment that promotes family and uncompromising Christian ethics and values. To support this commitment, J.C.A. aspires to:
Jabneh Christian Academy offers alternative schooling and not an alternative school. Alternative schools are specifically intended for students with special educational needs, as well as addressing social problems that affect students, such as teenage parenthood and students who are typically referred to as at-risk students, and may have one or more reasons such as challenging behaviour, a need for special remedial programs, emotional disabilities, or problems that destabilize the student's personal life, such as homelessness or gross instability in the home.

J.C.A., as an alternative schooling is not limited to accommodate students who are considered at risk of failing academically, but also students of all academic levels and abilities who are better served by a non-traditional program.

Our distinguishing characteristics:
• Average or smaller classroom size
• Close student-teacher relationship
• Student decision-making and skills gained daily
• Promotes a value-based education
• Promotes family
• Utilises a diverse curriculum
• Peer guidance and parental involvement
• Students are trained for life and not for examinations.
• GSAT past papers are not used to drill our icons in the process to prepare them for examinations. We are committed to exposing icons to the entire curriculum content with integrity being our standard.
• Prepares for a successful future and students can obtain skills inside and outside the classroom
• Group students according to needs rather than age

• We offer a more flexible programme of study than a traditional School
• A wide range of philosophies and teaching methods are offered by alternative schools
• Diverse curriculum
• Peer guidance and parental involvement
• Prepares for a successful future and students can obtain skills inside and outside the classroom
• Personalise classroom instruction
• Develop a high of self-confidence
• Promote healthy emotional, spiritual, mental, social and physical growth.
• Teach the students and not the curriculum
• Safeguard students against the “frustrated learner” syndrome
• Place emphasis on career development as soon as students are enrolled
• Expose students to a print rich environment
• Develop an insatiable appetite in students for reading and acquiring knowledge
• Promote and maintain the notion that reading transcends the ability to call word. It involves interpretation and understanding.
• Partner with the home to encourage respect for self and others, responsibility for one’s choice of behaviour and the maintenance of purity.
• Maintain class sizes that will allow students to benefit from individualised instruction.
• Employ facilitators of the highest calibre.
• Fast and pray for you and your icon.

Phone 876 457 4005

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