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About A holistic practice that strives to assist individuals with their unique health and wellness needs through Nutritional Therapy & Applied Kinesiology
Description Bronwyn Petzer was born in PE in 1979 and moved to Johannesburg in 2004.
After being diagnosed with Genralised Anxiety Disorder in 2003 she began a journey of self-discovery. After being on chemical mediation for 12 years, she realised that there must be another way to treat the condition.
Since then, she has learnt a great deal about it, opportunities have unfolded and pointed her in the direction of helping others.
It was after the birth of her son in 2011 that she realised just how important the right nutrition is in every aspect of life.

Combining Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology, she is able to assist people in achieving results in many aspects of life: Physical, Emotional and Mental.
Through Kinesiology she can help you find what is holding you back, what mental or emotional blockages are affecting your physical body and clear those beliefs.

She has witnessed the amazing results of Applied Kinesiology and the right nutrition in her own life and is testament to the effectiveness of both of these important components.

1998 - 2000: BCom Marketing and Business Management
2012 - Applied Kinesiology Level 1 - with Dr. Frans Kromhout
2012 - Cell Power (Lymphology) - with Dr. Keith McFarlane

...and the learning will always continue!
Mission To help as many people as possible to live a healthy, happy and successful life.
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