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About Italian company leader in the market that provides gift lighters and accessories to all Europe exclusively.
Description 1905: Von Auer discovered an alloy of iron and ferro up the flint, which replaced the flint. At about the same time, the wheel is invented.
1906: La Quercia markets a home match in money, hollow, with a long stone and containing a wick.
1908: "Flamidor" is the first lighter conventional gasoline.
1914-1918: In the trenches, "hairy" mount lighters in sockets, Lebel rifle cartridges.
After 1914-18, the decision is made to make lighters precious silver. It is also the development of lighter fuel throughout the postwar period.
1924: Marcel Quercia, with his father, seeks to develop and diversify products. He bought the rights to the brand and brand Flaminaire Abdulla and Britain, which are associated with its own name.
In the year 30, the distribution of marks will be as follows:
- ABDULLA: For luxury goods.
- Flamidor: For popular products.
- Quercia For personal creations of Marcel Quercia.
- FLASH: For table lighters.
From 1935 to 1939: Flaminaire is already the No. 1 lighter in France.
Towards 1935: Mr Pingeot, manufacturer of valves bike Clermont-Ferrand "tinker" a gas lighter. He assured his invention by patent March 21, 1935.
Marcel Quercia met him in 1936, but without obtaining the surrender of his patent. The Germans and Austrians are the most powerful producers of lighters in the world. The company Karl Wielden Solingen negotiating with Mr Pingeot the purchase of its patents. However, in extremis, Mr. Pingeot, patriotism, donating its patents to Marcel Quercia becomes creator (not inventor) of the first gas lighter.
The invention is, however, embryonic and looks a bit like an acetylene lamp.Compared to existing lighters, gasoline is replaced by gas and the wick by a valve.Marcel Quercia invention improves with Georg Ferdinand and file new patents in their common names. When war breaks out, the gas lighter is nearly finalized.
Under occupation, the researchers continue their work in a villa in Champigny.Following experiences of patients, the lighter is developed, clandestinely, with perfect security. The German authorities and in particular Karl Wieden present in Paris, to impose the Chambre Syndicale, whose president is Marcel Quercia, intensive production of lighters on their behalf. None delivered until the release, despite regular supplies of raw materials by the Germans. Upon release, there are two models completed: The "Gentry" table lighter, and "Crillon".
1945: With no tools, Marcel Quercia study done by Shell Butagaz appropriate valves and a special gas. Long containers will be engraved BUTAGAZ.
1950-54: Flaminaire is the largest advertiser in the month of December. This is also what creates the instigation of Father's Day.
1951: Flaminaire launched the smallest models Versailles and more popular than the model Crillon. This is the first element with a lighter nylon.
1959: Creation of the first roller Flaminaire automatic.
1964: Flaminaire created the lighter VINCI, launched after a market survey in which 72% of respondents express their preference for it.
From 1969 the company policy is based on creating new models, auto and Gentleman F20 F10.
Overview Italian company leader in the market that provides gift lighters and accessories to all Europe exclusively with its brands like: Flaminaire Paris, Bofil, Linea Casa.
Flaminaire is the only italian distributor of the famous German brand Gizeh.
Phone +39 0541 309505
Web site www.flaminaire.it

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