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My name is Sotiria Togia and I’m a self-taught artist from Greece.
I love art, I admire science and I‘ve always been adept at handcraft so in jewellery creation I discovered the perfect combination!
Amazed by the artworks of the Greek ancient world, impressed by Revolution’s illusionary masterpieces and motivated by the opportunity to (learn how to) express my aesthetic in items that would be loved and admired, I’ve dedicated my life to that!
I started in Athens in 1987 but it was in 1994, I established along with the co-manager and life partner, Giorgos Papadopoulos our “K22 Jewellery Design” studio in Rethymno, Crete.
Participating in several major exhibitions, we travelled places to give and gain insight on jewellery creation.
Our work is distinctive by a commitment to craftsmanship, quality and depth of consideration in processes, materials and techniques.
Precious metals are explored with a mix of precision and experimentation, underpinned by technical expertise to produce compelling pieces.
We get inspiration from nature’s beauty, isolated forms and shapes, even memories of our travels.
Anything that stimulates our senses and reflects our internal world is converted to an individual piece within a theme, which then may form part of a collection.
We enjoy the use of all fine metals, consider them beneficial for the human body and we handle them according to their physical properties.
Fragile 22 karat gold in detailed masterpieces, strong 18 karat in bold forming, silver for stylish ornaments based on a wearable concept, or the combination of all in unique creations, with emphasis to comfort in use, everything is special treated to fulfil the sense of individuality.
We believe true beauty cannot be without inward beauty, and by placing the quest for authenticity at the heart of our work, we don’t set boundaries to our designs!
In our studio, we’re doing our best to be aware of the impact of metal mining. We reduce our footprint through the use of recycled metals and we prefer traditional or new methods that embrace environmental awareness with less use of hazardous products.

Enjoy your visit to our world!

Phone 2831020947
Web site http://www.sotiriatogia.com

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