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About Bu günə qədər 784 nəfər F-Group tərəfindən 18 ölkəyə təhsil almaq üçün göndərilmişdir. Bunların 67 %-i oğlanlar olmuşdur.
Description “F-Group Academy” Company
Demirchi Tower 5
Senningerberg, 1736, Luxemburg
Tel.: +994124803890
Mob: +994552608855
E-mail: fgroupacademy@gmail.com
As in all areas of the service sector of the economy in our country and abroad, as well as progressive changes in educational policy in the field of education has become a business perspective. Currently there are some existing companies operating for education in abroad. Among them there is also existing F Group proved itself as a brand. F Group Academy professionally serves in the field of education in abroad. Ideally founded in 2007 and was independent part of F Group until 2012. (F-Group Production is a company operating since 2007) According to the profitability F-Group has been the most successful project. The biggest advantage of the company is the individual approach. Thus, in accordance with the potential to appeal to everyone who has made a personal development strategy. Accordingly, the applicants can get training outside the country. F-Group is working closely with a number of influential private and public universities. It also allows customers to provide better quality of service. The goal is that to support for preparation of useful specialist to Azerbaijan. This in turn corresponds to the national interests and the strategy of successful education of Azerbaijan.

Mission Azərbaycanlı gənclərin Beynalxalq təcrübə və yüksək səviyyəli təhsil almaqlarına yardımçı olmaqdır!
Phone 0124803890, 0552608855, 0505401044
Web site http://www.f-group.academy

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