Culinary Team Canada

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About We are the Culinary Team Canada. We represent Canada in the International Culinary Olympics.
Description Culinary Team Canada pursues excellence in culinary arts, skills and craftsmanship to represent Canada as ambassadors of a cuisine that is uniquely Canadian and reflective of the cultural diversity and agricultural abundance of our country.
Mission Manager JC Felicella

Hamid Salimian
Luis Clavel
Scott Beachler
Cameron Huley
Sylvain Cuerrier
Fumiko Morenton

Team Coach - Tobias MacDonald

Assistant Managers - Laura Dawe & Nisse Bourne

Support Member -Bruno Marti, James Hutton, Shawn Lang, Daniel Davyduke, Donald Gyurkovitz, Roy Butterworth, Dominique Roy, Beverly Tsang
Overview Culinary Team Canada operates under the Canadian Culinary Federation.

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