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About GITMO MUSIC, LLC. is a diverse music entertainment group, based in Denton, Texas.
Description Gitmo is the label running a crew of vigilant talent across the field of endless expression here
in Denton. Housing over 16 artist, Gitmo is on the up and up with groundbreaking artists, philosophies, and
community driven awareness with providing proper support for an eclectic bunch of artists,
collectives, producers, and tastemakers. With a brand at hand and plan of prosperous intent,
Gitmo wouldn’t be complete without the involvement of it’s label mates:
-Come Up Kingz
-Doug Funnie
-Josh Johnson
-Mz Bossy
-Ritchy Flo
-S. Good
-Scott Shafer
-Stu Brootal
-The Faps
and with the affiliations of:
Just Gitmo Publishings
Astroknox Publishings
Monocle, Inc
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