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About LACA 'Chaplains play an important role in helping police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers and others cope with personal problems...' (Sharp 1991)
Description Chaplains from L.A.C.A. represent a wide variety of denominational representations with the highest levels of professional training and endorsement. They are prepared to deal with issues surrounding the need of public servants, such as policemen, firemen and healthcare workers, regardless of their religious affiliation or background. Chaplains support the personal and spiritual needs of those who they help with respect, openness and without judgment during a critical incident. L.A.C.A. is prepared to provide training to officers regarding stress, depression, anxiety, and family life, relationship and others.

L.A.C.A. chaplains are committed to providing the highest possible chaplain services. Their works reflect the utmost sensitivity to multicultural and multi-faith realities, with respect for law enforcement or patients spiritual or religious preference.

L.A.C.A. not only services the communities in New York State but also has an international branch which has chapters in 21 different state and 5 different countries totaling a membership of 5123 chaplains.

L.A.C.A. has been instrumental in working hand and hand with our law enforcement and governmental body in the state of New York on making our communities a safer and better place to live in.


As the members of Latin/African American Chaplain Association seek to assist all of those in need in the
United States of America, ministerially, emotionally, physically, and materially, and
As we have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and
As we have sworn to follow the historic and true Christian ethic of love for all and service to all, and
As we all seek to do whatever we can to help our fellow citizens in facing any disaster, natural or otherwise, and
As we strive to provide organized and effective service to one another and to all in need, and
As we pledge loyalty to God, to our country, and to one another

Now therefore we resolve the following:

Article I
We pledge our loyalty to God, the United States of America, Latin/African American Chaplain Association, and to each other. We pledge to always consider and follow the direction of God. We will not, singularly or collectively, act so as to dishonor God or our fellow citizens, keeping ourselves above reproach in all things. We will always act with honesty, honor, love, faith, courage, and kindness to assist any one we come into contact with.

Article II
We pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, to always act with loyalty, honesty, courage, and moral certainty to reflect the highest ideals of this country and to secure the blessings of God to our nation and her citizens by acting in a morally just manner.

Article III
We pledge to always offer and provide assistance of any kind possible to all those in need around the world, and to all other citizens in need. We shall act with love and charity towards all, following the historic and true Christian ethic of love for all and service to all.

Article IV
We pledge to act in times of spiritual need as well as in times of disaster, natural or otherwise, to help all affected. To the best of our abilities, we will help in any and all ways possible to ensure spiritual and physical comfort and relief to all in need.

Article V
We pledge to work to ensure the most effective service that LACA can provide to our fellow members of the human family. We will always strive to educate ourselves and to strengthen ourselves spiritually and physically, to be of the most help we can when called upon.

Article VI
We pledge to one another our cooperation, our support, and our loyalty to ensure a strong foundation on which to build this Organization into what is sought: a strong, disciplined, effective ministry to all in need, supplying all needs as we can, and supporting and protecting others rights of religious freedom and practice.
Now, therefore, we adopt this Declaration of Intent of the Latin/African American Chaplain Association to guide us in the formation and advancement of this organization so help us God, and we pray Gods providence for all.
Overview L.A.C.A. had its genesis in the midst of the devastating tragedy of the World Trade Center. L.A.C.A., since day one, has provided numerous chaplains to assist firefighters and police officers in dealing with the traumatic events which surrounded this tragedy. L.A.C.A. was also instrumental in assisting families of American Airlines flight 587. L.A.C.A. chaplains were the first to be present in helping these families through their grief. Presently L.A.C.A. is working with police precincts, fire stations, City of New York Cadets cords, Rikers Island correctional facility, rehabilitation programs and several hospitals.
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