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About This is a fans page from personnel PEE WEE GASKINS namely sansanstation (Muhammad Fauzan) docheeses (Alditsa Sadega) omolattos (Reza Satiri) ayilovers (Harry Pramahardhika) n aldytweelicious (Renaldy Prasetya)! ! !
Description ini adalah fanspage dari personil PEE WEE GASKINS yaitu sansanstation (CHOA SANSAN) docheeses (ALDITSA DOCHI SADEGA) omolattos (REZA OMO SATIRI) ayilovers (AYIK) n aldytweelicious (ALDY KUMIS) ! ! !

THE STORY SO FAR: In the two years since it was formed (Mid 2007), Pee Wee Gaskins, a pop-punk group based in Jakarta, has rapidly leapt from the indie scene to the mainstream. With a single full-length album under its belt, the band has been featured in numerous magazines, including Hai, Rolling Stone Indonesia and Trax, as well as appearing on TV shows like O Channel's Demo and MTV Indonesia. The band took its name from Donald ''Pee Wee'' Gaskins, who gained notoriety in 1991 for being the first white man in more than half a century to be executed in the United States for killing a black man. In an attempt to stay out of the electric chair, Gaskins confessed to more than 100 murders, though he never revealed the locations of the bodies. Pee Wee Gaskins began as a solo project for the vocalist, bassist and main songwriter, Dochi Sadega, while he was still playing guitar for metal band The Side Project. ''Two years ago I had an acoustic song called 'Here Up on the Attic,' which I had written for a friend, who eventually became my girlfriend,'' Dochi said. ''She said, 'Hey this sounds nice -- why don't you write more stuff?' So I began looking for band members [after quitting The Side Project],'' he said. Dochi recruited guitarist Sansan first. The two had musician friends in common and had, for a brief time, been in the same band: Killing Me Inside, with Dochi on guitar and Sansan on vocals. The first thing they did was pick a name. ''One day we were chatting on the Internet trying to come up with a band name, and Sansan mentioned wanting to name it 'Serial Killer,'?'' Dochi said. ''We wanted a scary name, but the music we were going to play wasn't exactly scary, so when we Googled 'serial killer' and the name Pee Wee Gaskins came up, it felt like the perfect amalgamation of our pop tendencies and something that was inherently terrifying,'' Dochi said. The pair then recruited musicians Aldy ''Mustache'' on drums, Ai on guitar and Omo on keyboard and synthesizers. By late 2007, the newly formed band was performing at a lot of low or nonpaying events. Before long, it was headlining these shows, as well as performing as guest stars at high-school bazaars, where it built its fan base. By 2008, Pee Wee Gaskins was thriving, with appearances on TV shows such as RCTI's ''Dashyat'' and SCTV's ''Playlist.'' It was also featured on the soundtrack for the movie ''Married by Accident,'' which starred Nikita Willy. In April 2008, the band released its debut EP, ''Stories From Our High School Years,'' through the independent record label Kurd Records. The 2,000 copies of the EP quickly sold out. Dochi said: ''We used the Internet to promote it, and sold it hand-to-hand. We did the distribution ourselves. Total DIY!'' Between 2008 and 2009, Pee Wee Gaskins really took off. Fans, calling themselves Party Dorks, helped promote the band through the Internet and by dropping flyers. The Party Dorks were so spread out across Indonesia that there were local divisions such as Party Dorks Bali and Party Dorks Semarang. But the band's quick rise to the top was also met with disdain by other groups of music fans, who began calling themselves the Anti Pee Wee Gaskins, or APWG for short. Like the Party Dorks, the APWG community also grew quickly, with young people building Facebook communities where they could chat about how much they hated the band. There were also numerous subgroups, including APWG Makassar, APWG Surabaya and so on. APWG has never officially stated its intentions, nor the reason for its hatred. Online discussions do little to illuminate the motivations of members. Juan, an APWG supporter, simply wrote on the APWG discussion board on Facebook that he ''hates the band'' because they are ''homos, arrogant, ungrateful of their fans, copycats.'' Well, they certainly haven't met the boys yet, it's far from all those craps. At a show in Surabaya, a group of APWG members came to a Pee Wee Gaskins show simply to collectively raise their middle finger throughout the band's set. So much negativity would bother most bands, but Dochi seems to take it all in stride. Facing the Surabaya audience of thousands, with hundreds of them flipping him the bird, he said from the stage, ''You guys are still young, don't hesitate to voice your opinion about us. We have come to make friends and have fun.'' Early 2009, the band released its first full-length album, ''The Sophomore,'' which was released through a larger independent label called Variant Records. The album has reportedly sold more than 4,000 copies in two months. A fact that makes Dochi happy, but not quite content. ''If you are feeling satisfied, you are bound to rest on your laurels. Then again, never feeling satisfied makes us complainers. Simply put, we are always trying to push ourselves as far as we can.'' As the story goes, the band is now preparing for their 3rd release on its senior year, Ad Astra Per Aspera, ''to the stars with all we've got'' in Latin.


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Halo teman2 partydorks, apa kabar? gw mau bilang sesuatu ttg apwg hehe
kita dari pwg gak ngerasa keganggu dengan adanya apwg, kita udh cukup dewasa untuk terima kritik dan saran dalam bentuk apa pun, malah merasa bangga dengan adanya apwg, jimi multazam, temen gw dari the upstairs yg kerja di salah satu media bilang ke gw, "gw di invite tuh sama group haters lo, sukses lo men! kl udah sampe ada yg bikin gituan berarti lo makin sukses!" jadi kenapa mesti marah kl bs bangga? hehe

Dalam hidup itu biasa, segala yg lo lakuin pasti ada yg suka dan ada yg ga suka, terimalah perbedaan itu, yang penting jalanin semua dengan sepenuh hati dan jalani kesenangan lo tanpa mengganggu kesenangan orang lain. mau itu ST12, kangen band, pee wee gaskins, rocket rockers, slank, godbless, semua ngejalaninnya pake kerja keras dan sepenuh hati, kl gak gak akan bertahan lama, semua punya cerita panjang yang mengawali karir mereka, jadi jangan merendahkan kerja keras itu.. sekali lagi gw bilang kalo dalam hidup suka dan gasuka itu biasa.. hargai musik, pemusik, dan penggemar musik dari minat yang berbeda, indonesia itu udah jadi panutan musik loh di negara2 seberang, orang2nya juga dong

Dork dalam slang bahasa inggris artinya culun. kutu buku, orang2 dengan minat aneh seperti suka sm alien, star wars, atau yg berbeda sama orang2 awam lainnya bs dibilang dork. tp mereka berani menunjukkan kl mereka berbeda, mereka tetep jalanin apa yang mereka suka, dan gak mengganggu kesenangan orang lain. bill gates was a dork, lihat jadi apa dia sekarang? hehe

Buat yg fotonya diedit2, diceng2in, cuekin aja.. bangga dong, sampe ada orang yg ngorbanin waktu mereka buat lakuin itu ke lo.. berarti lo itu dianggep.. udah gausah dijadiin masalah yg kaya gituan, kita malah makasih buat apwg, dengan adanya mereka kita bisa tau kurang apa lagi, kalo kekurangan itu diperbaiki semua kan nantinya ga akan ada alasan lagi untuk gasuka, ga suka pee wee gaskins, ga suka partydorks.. liat deh sistem kerja foto.. gambar sebagus apa yg dihasilkan sebuah kamera, itu kan hasil dari sesuatu yg negatif (foto itu kan mengubah negatif jadi positif) hehe

So, gausah jadiin apwg jadi masalah, itu sesuatu yg bakal berujung positif teman2, dicuekin aja ya.. jalani aja semua seperti biasanya hehe

alditsa dochi sadega ! ! !
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