South Step Dance Studio

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About Designed to allow dancers reach their full potential.
Description South Step Dance Studios... Have more classes and a wider variety of dance styles than any other regular dance studio. There are nearly 15 different varieties to choose from, ranging from regular aero dance, jazz, hip hop to salsa, zumba, yoga, ballroom, to pole dance plus many more. Many of the teachers at South Step's offer private dance lessons for those who prefer one-to-one session, either as a taster lesson, with a group of friends, or for longer periods.

But we’re not just here for dance.
We are also perfect for small-medium group classes, rehearsals, auditions, photo shoots, & other functions.
• Fully air-conditioned
• consists of a CD player or mp3 player, an amplifier, lapel microphone and some loudspeakers
• Zen ambiance
• Sprung Wood Floors

All of our classes at South Step Dance Studio are open daily, so you don’t need to book. You can just drop in...Register and take a class.
Phone (02) 5565481 - 09363859238
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