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About 國際當代首飾概念性展覽策展團隊/independent curatorial team for contemporary Jewelry
Description Mano慢鏝團隊成員/crew

陳郁君 Yu-Chun Chen / 專案總策劃 project coordinator

謝旻玲 Min-Ling Hsieh
專案總策劃 / 亞洲區聯絡人 project coordinator / Asian Contact

2013 - 2014 『慢鏝當代首飾。物件』藝廊平台計畫/ “MANO Contemporary Jewllery & Object” project

吳淑麟 Shu-Lin Wu / 執行企劃 Executive project planner
許文賢 Carissa Wen-Hsien Hsu
行銷開發 / 歐洲區聯絡人 Marketing development / European contact

Kuan-Wen Wang/project planner
Mission 希望更多人能夠瞭解當代首飾,喜歡當代首飾,進而配戴,一起和我們『慢鏝』欣賞當代首飾藝術。

Overview 關於MANO慢鏝 _國際當代首飾概念性策展團隊

MANO慢鏝是於2010年由陳郁君和謝旻玲兩位首飾創作者所創立,主要目的是希望能夠透過策展的形式,提升當代首飾的能見度,再經由講座的傳達,讓人更能了解當代首飾藝術的價值何在。2013-14年團隊加入兩位和我們有相同理念的熱血創作人吳淑麟及許文賢,一同完成『MANO慢慢當代首飾物件』平台的一年計畫。2015年經過一番重整,在目前紹興南街的工作室基地以「手造」為出發點開始新的概念選品店『MANO慢鏝選東西』,發掘台灣及國際上具潛力的創作者,選品品項除了當代首飾之外,另有立體物件、織品、手工包款、燈飾以及文具類別產品。讓創作過程裡投入情感揉捏的故事百態被看見 !

About MANO (MànMàn)
independent curatorial team for contemporary jewellery

Màn慢 means to slow down, to use the senses to experience every existing moment. Màn鏝 is a metal trowel which was used by the craftsmen in the ancient time to smooth the architectural surface. MANO stands for hand in Italian. Mano-MànMàn would like to call attention to the use of hand and the appreciation of craftsmanship, to ask people to slow down the pace in this modern society, to appreciate the process of making and the story behind, to see the real preciousness beyond material, to use the heart to see and the mind to listen.

MANO (MànMàn) is a curatorial team established in 2010 by Min-Ling Hsieh and Yu-Chun Chen who are also enthusiastic jewellery makers themselves. Through making exhibitions, they like to increase the exposure for contemporary jewellery and through holding lectures, to make people appreciate the value of these wonderful art works. MANO aims at building the contemporary jewellery network between Taiwan and other countries. Our vision is to be the bridge among the creative minds and to connect the viewers' experience with this special art form.

In 2013-14, with the participation of two other passionate jewellery makers Shu-Lin Wu and Carissa Wen-Hsien Hsu, we built the experimental platform of contemporary jewellery in Taiwan – “MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object” which ran for one whole year.

After some reorganization, in 2015, we start “MANO Select” , a new select shop based on the concept of “Handmade”. The fascination of handmade resides in its profound aesthetics as well as the nostalgia of slowness and deliberateness. We select works which are manufactured with the utmost attention as well as innovative details by talented makers locally and internationally. The selected categories include jewellery, art object, textile work, bag, lighting, stationary, etc.
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