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About Limbdi is a city and a municipality in Surendranagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat.
Description Limbdi is a city and a municipality in Surendranagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

• Limbdi was a princely state- entitled to a hereditary salute of 9-guns during and before the British empire, ruled by the Jhala dynasty. After India's independence from British colonial rule in 1947, Limbdi was integrated into the nation with other princely states. It has a current population of about 70,000 people who are employed in diverse professions from agriculture to small businesses.
• Limbdi has a proud place in women's education. It is home to Lady Wellingdon Girls School, now Municipal school number 3. This school was established in Limbdi on 1 March 1859 when India had hardly any girls schools even in urban areas. Initially "girls only", it is now a co-educational school.
• Limbdi was considered to be the "KASHI" of Gujarat because lots of temples are located in the city in almost every street & society. Lord Swaminarayan had visited Limbdi several times. And the story of Vaghri's salvation by Lord Swaminarayan has been depicted in the scriptures of Swaminarayan Sect. Swami Vivekananda had also visited Limbdi, and a Ram Krishna Mission was built near Railway Station in this memory. Limbdi is home to the Jagadish Ashram established by Jagannath Tirth Swami. Some scenes of the famous Hindi movie Guide were shot at this Ashram. Limbdi is also famous for its "Kachariya" (or Kachariyu) a dish made from sesame seeds ("tal").
• The Bhogavo River flows by Limbdi. The best way to visit Limbdi is by bus from Ahmedabad. Buses from Ahmedabad to Rajkot also stop on their way in Limbdi. Another way is by the Saurashtra Mail train from Bombay which stops at Ahmedabad and Surendranagar. Buses and private vehicles on hire can be used to get from Surendranagar to Limbdi.There is a daily train from Mumbai, named Bhavnagar-Bandra Superfast express which stops at Limbdi.

♥ History OF Limbdi ♥

will take you to explore LIMBDI a quiet, old world town dominated by the fragrant “limda” or neem trees which gives it it’s name. Maharaj Jaswant Sinhji Bapu, who developed Limbdi town was one of the first Indian Prince from Saurashtra to meet the Queen Victoria at age of 17 years. The young prince was very enamoured by the French Architecture and in that era got architects and equipments from France to rebuilt Limbdi, as a Township with Regency Style Architecture.

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