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Description Welcome to Slanchogled London!

Situated at the heart of the vibrant area of Camden, our shop offers you an unusual way to experience arts and crafts. Pop down to Chalk Farm Road, look for a display full of drawings and colours, and as you walk in, you will be welcomed into a whole new world of creativity, inspiration and ideas.

We are passionate about light and colours, clever details and sincere ambient, congruence and change. Creativity lies in everything we do and so you will be encouraged to explore and play around with everything that is on display, to be experimental, and to develop your own creative way of thinking.

Whether you choose one of the products made in our shop or you wish to create something yourself with the large variety of materials we offer, our friendly staff, mainly consisting of artists, will be there to help you get the result that responds to your vision best.

We offer products that meet the needs of both professional and aspiring artists, and everyone with a creative hobby or interest. We have a wide range of acrylic, oil and textile colours from different brands, as well as canvases, sketchbooks and papers. On the lower level of our shop you will also find countless materials and details for decoration, gifts and jewellery that will evoke your imagination and most likely make you forget about time!

In addition we offer unique gift wrapping for any occasion that always proves to surprise and cheer both givers and receivers. You can also add any of our handmade cards, embellishments or textile flowers designed by our staff as a finishing touch to your gift.

Slanchogled London is part of the Bulgarian chain “Слънчоглед” and the name literally translates as “Sunflower”. However, a reference to a beautiful flower is not enough to back up our choice of name. In Bulgarian the word also means “looking towards the sun” which is how we feel about art - as a source of inspiration and positive energy.

This is our first shop outside Bulgaria and we are very grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received by local people so far. Whether you are an artist, are studying art and design, or just want to be creative and come up with original ideas, we will be delighted to see you here!
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