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Description Juhapura is a neighbourhood in New West Zone of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India near Sarkhej, along the National Highway 8A that goes towards Saurashtra and Kutch. Initially this area was developed in 1973 for the people who lost houses in flood, it was founded then prime minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi. First housing society of the area was Sarni Kamdar.The population of Juhapura is largely Muslim. Almost 400,000 people live in this area. A large number of Muslim professionals and businessmen also live in this area. Majority of the Muslims living in Juhapura belong to Sunni Sufi sect, who are also known as barelvis, however the muslims belong to deobandi, Ahl al-Hadith(Salafi) and shia sect are also in marginal ratio.Juhapura was a small suburb with a small population until the mid 80s, but after the communal riots of Gujarat from 1985 until 2002, a large number of the Muslims migrated to Juhapura from the Muslim and Hindu-dominated areas of Ahmedabad and surround cities to settle there. This caused a construction and housing boom and a sharp inflation in the land and housing prices subsequently.Juhapura is still primarily a residential area but now also hosts a hospital, many schools, restaurants & dhabas and a food marketInstitutions and monuments Ahmedabad Muslims Foundation Amena Khatun General Hospital By Mohammedi Charitable Trust Shantiniketan Vidyalaya Hazrat Pir Mohammad Shah Hospital by the Iqraa Charitable Foundation F. D. Higher Secondary School The National School FARUQ-E-AAZAM SCHOOL The New Age School Model English High School Carevan Primary School Crescent English School SPRAT's ASK CARAVAN Holy Shrines Tomb of Hazrat Ahmed Ganjbaksh Tomb of Hazrat Baba Ali Sher Tomb of Hazrat Haji Baba Tomb of Hazrat Makhdum Shah AAMIRA CLINIC (Fatehwadi)

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