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Description In different countries of the world, believers in Jesus Christ have a big inclination to the Blessed Virgin Mary. As a matter of fact, in some of these countries, Shrines dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary have been put into place as a sign of allegiance and devotedness to our Mother Mary. People of different faith, go on pilgrimage and make deep contemplative prayers to these Shrines dedicated to Mother Mary.
In many cases, Mother Mary has responded positively to people’s pleas and cries, thus the increasing love for Mother Mary internationally.

When the first Catholic Missionaries arrived in Uganda, having been acclimatized
to the prevailing situations of the times which mainly included the gigantic power and domination of the devil, they soon discovered that by themselves, they were powerless and helpless. They whole heartedly made recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary so that through her intercession to her son, Jesus Christ, their work of evangelizing Uganda may be blessed and bear many flourishing fruits; consequently, they dedicated Our Mother country Uganda to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As per this effect, Mother Mary did not hesitate to answer the Missionaries’ cries, and generally speaking we can say that Uganda to a greatest extent is a Christian country. Among the many fruits we have attained so far; are the twenty four (24) Ugandan Martyrs who shed their blood for the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth.
Thus the famous hymn; “Mwe abe kitiibwa tubuganye essanyu twesiime ……………”


During the years 1982 – 1986, our beloved country Uganda was marred by wars. Many people lost their lives and property and some reached an extent of saying that perhaps God had forgotten Uganda; “God had erased Uganda in His minds”. But despite all this, many Christians in our Country Uganda prayed to our Lady Queen of Peace to restore peace in our country.
Among the many Christians who prayed to Mother Mary very fervently was Fr. John De Bernard (a Comboni – Verona Missionary), the then Parish Priest of Lweza Catholic Church. He pledged that if peace was restored in Uganda, he would certainly erect a Shrine and dedicate it to Mother Mary. After the civil war, Fr. John built Kiwamirembe Shrine on top of the hill; 14 km on Kampala – Entebbe road and named it; “Our Lady, Queen of Peace Shrine”.

It was on 26th May 1989, that His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga (R.I.P) opened up this place. It was later on confirmed as a special place of pilgrimage to our Mother Mary by Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala in 1998 when he celebrated mass with many pilgrims from different walks of life.
Monsignor Lawrence Mbwega was made custodian of the Shrine when Fr. John left Lweza Parish. Many different Bishops from other Dioceses do come at this Shrine on a monthly basis to present themselves to Mother Mary with many Christians (it’s normally the first Sunday of every month).

There are many devoted Christians from all over Uganda and out side Uganda who are determined to make Kiwamirembe into a big Shrine of our Lady; first as a public sign of gratitude to Her for what She is doing for Uganda in general and then in particular for what She is doing privately to some of these individuals.
The Shrine is built on top of a hill as it has been done in some other countries where devoted Christians go on the top of the hills for pilgrimages and for deep contemplative prayers, following the example of our master Jesus Christ. “He went out into the hills to pray, he spent the whole night in prayer to God” (Luke 6:2). Moreover Christ invites us to pray; “Ask and it will be given to you, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened on to you for the one who asks always receives, the one who searches always find, the one who knocks will always have the door opened for him/her (Matthew 7:7)
Kiwamirembe Shrine, as per people’s predictions and providential signs will certainly turn into a big Shrine in our country Uganda with Mother Mary behind it all.

The presence of Mother Mary at the Shrine is certainly being felt by people who flock this place. Mother Mary is answering peoples’ prayers and intentions. Consequently, many people do come and give testimonies to what Mother Mary has done for them. Thus they make financial contributions and other contributions in kind in appreciation to what Mary has done for them. Their contributions have made Kiwamirembe to blossom
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