MR And MISS INDIA 2014-15

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About нєу ℓα∂ιєѕ & gєитℓємєи...:)
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ѕσ ωну ∂σи'т уσυ тяу..???
נυѕт ѕєи∂ υя ρι¢ѕ & ωє ωιℓℓ υρℓσα∂ ιт ѕσσи....:)
Description Add Ur ADmin......
We are introducing some guideline for all the fans:-

1) Winner will be announced on the basis of points, Where :
1 Like = 1 Point
1 Comment = 3 Points
1 Share & 1 Tag= 5 Points each

Where in a post, Comments/Shares Points will be calculated on the basis of how many people Shared/Commented on that particular post, Not how many Share/Comments are in total there on the posts. So multiple shares/comments by a single person won't make any difference.

2) If your Pic wouldn't get 100+ likes in the first 12Hours, Then that pic will be Deleted/Hide from the Timeline(If Tagged).

3) Kindly send 2-3 best pics of yours. If the pic isn't clear. We'll choose it from your profile.
Feel free to message your pic to us anytime. Once the message will be seen, we will upload the pic ASAP. And if this process took extra time. please show some patience.

4) Don't send anyone Else's pic without His/Her permission, first make sure that the person knows that She/He's participating in the Competition.

5) Once the pic uploaded, Then please Don't ask for Deletion.

6) In one competition, a person can take part only once.
7) People who won't be able to send messages on page, due to request/message block, Can send their pic on our Email Address : " "

8) If anyone abused or found using sarcastic comments on any post will be banned forever straight away. So don't abuse, criticize or use harsh sarcasm.
If you can't show support, at least don't demotivate contestants!
As there will be so many posts, we can't check all the abuse/annoying/sarcastic comments, that is why if any contestant didn't like any comment on their pic. feel free to Message us on the Admims ID, we'll delete the comment and ban that user forever.

9) The best thing is that, For maximum Points, Contestant can take His/Her Friends help via TAG option. Or they can share the pics link for maximum Likes.

10) Winners will be announced on 7th day of every competition on Basis of Points.

11) 1. No Autolikers allowed! You will be debarred from the contest and all your fake likes will be wasted if you try autoliker, keep that in mind.

12) The Result declared by admin will be final. If you have any problem concerning the decision, Inbox us. We're ready to help.

13) If you people have any suggestion related to our page improvement.. kindly message us. it would be glad for us.

One more thing, i you didn't won the competition, don't feel down/embarrassing or Don't Pretend that you lost the Chase..
cause if you Participated in the Competition and If your Pic is Here, It automatically Means you are Sweet, Handsome/Beautiful.. and Famous as hell! that's why we choose your pics from 100's of messages.

So hurry up.. Start sending your pics now... Next pic can be Yours.
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