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About Boat/Yacht Trading & Maintenance
Description Shrao, a new locally based company from Qatar offers trading & yacht/boat maintenance. The company manages a small team of specialists who provide quality through one-to-one services. The company's key target audience includes both personal and (small to large) corporate yacht/boat owners.

Our core business is differentiated from larger competitors in the market on grounds of one-to-one attention, the ability to import parts for flexible and convenient maintenance, on-site maintenance & assistance when required.

Shrao's Exclusive Offers

Trading: This division manages a marine trading website ( bringing buyers and sellers together, with the opportunity to present their products to a larger audience and a new market in Qatar.

Maintenance Plans: Shrao provides its clients with customized maintenance plans on monthly, quarterly ans annual basis.

Towing: Boat towing and transportation is also provided by Shrao for their customer's convenience.

Body Repair & Services
• Upholstery repairs & modifications
• Polishing & Cleaning
• Detailing
• Anti-fouling Removal
• Vinyl/Boat name
• Anode replacement, Prop cleaning & Outdrive painting

Mechanical & Electrical Services
• Yacht/Boat Maintenance & Repairs
• Sailing Boat Maintenance
• Engine Maintenance (Inboard/ Outboard)
• System Maintenance/ Electrical Works
• Stainless Repairs
• Spare Parts Service
Phone T:+974 44127776 F:+974 44127775 M:+974 66912691
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