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About I'm a Myopractor of Medical Structural Bodywork & Deep Tissue... Basically I bring your Myo Fascia Movement Lines back to thier normal supple lengths.
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Experience "Myopractor Bodywork"! Nothing else like it on the planet! Most effective Deep Bodywork! Get the best results in pain relief with a Myopractor, a form of Medical Myo Fascia Bodywork... I guarantee you'll be satisfied with my work. I'm very thankful to be so uniquely gifted; and that I love to use this gift to help others in great need of pain relief. All Myopractor Bodywork is geared towards what each individual needs... Everyone's aches and pains are different!

Simply put, Myo fascia is the mechanism that enables humans to move about and over the years of usage we develop strained movement lines. Each person's strained movement lines are different!

Have you been trying to find a massage therapist who can "really" help you with your body's aches and pain issues; and one who will also stay focused on your "specific" needs, instead of the ole regular routine massage?

Well! You have just found one! *Who has over 15 years’ experience as a Myopractor of Medical Structural Therapy... Working on referred patients of doctors and chiropractors at my studio and chiropractic or spine rehabilitation centers, and working multiple Sports Events (e.g. Armstrong Challenge, Austin Marathon, Cap 10K, MS150's, Danskin and other Triathlons etc.) and at corporate offices offering 15 minute table or chair massages too!

This style of "Myopractor" (Deep Core Bodywork) is what most people are really looking for in their search for a deeper tissue therapist or myo facial therapy. But with so many variations of the term massage out there, it's difficult for anyone to know the best terminology to use in their search.

"Myopractor Therapy" - "A Myo Meridian Line Release Technique" is the type of work that I perform, which will unlock or release the years of "Chronic Muscle Build Up" due to jobs with same repetitions or movements such as lifting, standing, sitting at computers all day, or just from the over exertion of a strenuous exercise. Others may say from just sleeping in wrong positions and waking up in pain. Doctors note that 80% of their patients mentioned that they woke up in pain, or had pulled a muscle from a sudden movement when their body's tightened muscles were not quite ready for that quick movement yet!

Come Prepared:
Please Wear Cotton or Loose Fitting Clothing for your session with this Myopractor style of bodywork. Clothing Removal is not required as I'm working deeper in the body, below the layer of skin! Not wrestling with sheets enables me to use a better range of motion to your extremities. You'll notice a much longer lasting result than a regular massage!

About My Work:
Over 15 years experience specializing in working on patients who have been referred to me by Doctors and Chiropractors, as well as helping clients who are in pain from all types of accidents, injuries, neurological or body structural problems including those who've had surgery too! I have a very keen sense and a unique knowledge of each individual's body anatomy, and along with the history of the each individual's pain issues; as I keep soap charts like doctors do for their patients, that helps me to know which techniques or treatments to use. My deeper techniques will not take individuals over their own pain thresholds (Not a forced type of work), but is what everyone insists "DO NOT STOP" when I am on it! Insisting that they know this style of deep bodywork helps them and will bring clients longer lasting results!

With Myopractor Medical & Structural Bodywork Therapy, I combine many different techniques in each session...In order to get the job done - RIGHT!

Examples of techniques used in Myopractor Therapy:
Assisted Isometric Stretching (AIS) combined with Compression, Range of Motion (ROM) or Movement, mixed with Deep Tissue Massage (DTM), Myo Fascia Release (MFR) - or Myo Therapy, Reflexology, Reike, my techniques similar to Rolfing, Trigger Point Release and much more, are techniques applied to the Back, Cervical, Upper and Lower Extremities, to release chronic tightened myo fascia and muscle tissue.

I'll also help to teach you what you can do to have preventative maintenance. If you have any questions concerning your own body issues - Please feel free to call me and ask away! Steve at (512) 477-5772

Some of the terminologies doctors use are: arthritis, bulging or disc degeneration, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, sciatica, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylitis, spondylosis and TMJ among many other terminologies, in serious chronic cases.

About Myo Fascia:
Humans have seven layers of fascia, starting from the skin down through our body to our bones. I focus on our Myo Fascia, which involves the connecting of many muscle groups in order for us humans to move our extremities and our bodies around. These Myo Fascia "Meridian Lines" (e.g. like deep cables, ribbons or puppet strings) run throughout our entire body and reach through many of our muscle groups to assist us in our motion or movements. The stabilized meridian line, the one we use mostly to fend off gravity, connects muscles from the stirrup of our feet up though the body and to our head, which is what helps us to fend off the pulling down of gravity during our lifetime. Each one of our lines of movement can wear down and become shortened over years of usage and is the main culprit of much of our body pain and can eventually wear out hip and knee joints from the meridian lines being too tight across said joints for a number of years.
Other movement lines called mobile meridian lines are what we humans use the most to do arm and hand movements, connect from our feet up through to the mid thoracic area, head and down through your arms and to the hands.

Fascia meridian lines not only become tightened and shorten over years of gravity pulling on us, but also from inflammation, over usage of muscles, accidents & injuries etc. This is what causes the different types of pain we humans feel as restricted joints, muscle soreness, spasm, tension & chronic muscle build up. Pain we humans experience in one area of the body (i.e. elbows, wrists, hips or knees) can be referred to from the whole tightened and shortened meridian line as it reaches through the body and involves the infringement on joints and nerve spaces of said pain site.

Myopractor Therapy - unlocks years of "Chronic Muscle Build Up" from those hard, tight or painful muscles, and helps to release spasms from body structural problems, injuries or accidents. Trigger Point and Myo Therapy are pain-relief techniques to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping. With this process I locate and deactivate `trigger points'. The goal is to reduce spasm, inducing new blood flow into the affected area. Spasms physically reduce blood flow and oxygen to the trigger point area (ischemia). Pressure is briefly applied to trigger points. It is common to hit the same trigger points several times during a session, instead of leaning into a sore spot "too deep" or for too lengthily a time, which would cause the trigger point to fight back and tense up more. Often ice or another cooling agent are used to reduce nervous system response, making the area easier and more comfortable to work. The muscles are gently stretched to bring back the natural supple length and elasticity of your muscles to complete the relaxation process. A Myopractor session aims to erase pain and soothe tightened muscles.

Other Massage Offered:
On-site or Corporate Table (Chair) Massage - is normally a 15-20 minute massage of a client on a portable massage table or chair, however the client remains fully clothed while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms are massaged.
* I also coordinate therapists for sports massage at sports events; we’re the "All Event Therapy Team". We specialize in working sports events, and you will usually see our group working at most sports events in and around Austin! You name the event, and you've most likely seen our group of sports therapists working there.

About My Rates:
Myopractor Therapy, Deep Tissue, or Sports Bodywork rates are: $75 Per Hour & $100 Per 1-1/2 Hour.

Please Note!
On-site Corporate Massage Therapy - Table Rate is $1 per minute. I will come to your office and work on as many people who sign up for 15 minute or more minute increments during my one day visit. I prefer bringing a massage table instead of a chair, as it is much easier to work on low backs and most other body issues, than using a massage chair.

"All Event Therapy Team" - The charge for our service is $1 per minute, either collected by our team from participants of each event, or can be paid up-front by a company providing therapy for an event.

Operation Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8AM-7PM - Or - "Same Day Appointments" (if available for emergency), but better to book ahead!
After Hours & Weekend Appointments:
To serve you better, SxSRest also schedules "advance" phoned or e-mailed appointments too! In other works, I'm very willing to help you within your time schedule.

To Schedule An Appointment:
Please call, e-mail or text Steve at: (512) 477-5772... No Solicitors Please! Please identify yourself if you text me. If you get the answer machine ... Please leave a detailed message with your request of a date & time preference, type of pain issues etc. (as I may be in a session) ... And I will return your call A.S.A.P., regarding appointments, questions & etc... Thanks... Steve C.

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