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About Specialized in Sales & Marketing for our clients.
Ongoing opportunities for our people.
Visit our website at www.ecm.com.sg
Description Incorporated in 2009, Eden Cube Marketing Group is in partnership with one of the largest and most successful sales and marketing companies in the world. Together with our associate branches, we serve more than 10 industries including telecommunications, financial services, broadband, fundraising, home efficiency and our own range of consumer products.
Mission To increase profits and growth for our clients by providing unique representation with utmost integrity and enthusiasm. To create long-term value for our customers and shareholders through daily personal development & wealth creation.
Overview At Eden Cube, we understand that we live in a highly competitive and rapidly changing world today. To ensure continuous growth and sustainability, our core beliefs serve as a compass for how we treat our clients, our customers and each other at work.
Phone 62212215
Web site http://www.ecm.com.sg

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