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Description Neon Venus Art Theatre was founded in Las Vegas in 2008 by Peter Valentino and Lissette Napoleani. In 2009 due to the theatre's immense success Valentino decided to open a second location on Melrose, Hollywood.

Peter Valentino is a master of instruments where he plays the piano, guitar, bass and keyboard. His talents expand vocally as Valentino is also proficient in songwriting, singing lessons, breathing techniques, and increasing vocal range to prepare his students for auditions.

Peter's vast experience in the industry is highly competitive having taught singing in NYC, Las Vegas, and Hollywood for over 15 years, in every style and especially Pop/Rock, R & B, and Theatre.

Valentino's exceeding abilities have led him to sing back-up in his band Neon Venus, which he co-manages with lead singer, Lissette Napoleoni.
The band's success has been phenominal having toured internationally, releasing 4 music videos which gained air time on MTV Espanol, VHUno and MTV Puerto Rico plus a one-hour rockumentary.

Valentino's talents also lie behind-the-scenes as he found himself co-producing, shooting and editing the rockumentary for the band's European tour (Turkey, Sinai, Egypt, Spain and Italy) for the Armed Forces that was featured on MTV Espanol.
Valentino's success continues to grow after receiving news that two tracks from Neon Venus's album “Irresistible” were pre-nominated for the 49th Annual Grammys in two categories: “Best Record of the Year” and “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal”.

Peter Valentino's years of experience working in the entertainment industry have paid off as one major stepping stone in his career is when he joined an improv group in New York called the "Flying Monkeys," which performed at the famous "Don't tell Mama's" in Manhattan.
Amongst his many accomplishments, Valentino has also trained in Hollywood with Donald Petrie (Director of Miss Congeniality, Grumpy Old Men, and many others), and with Barry Pearl (from the movie Grease).

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