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About BindassParty is a startup that makes partying easier. It is a party and event marketplace. A DIY catering, venue and ticketing engine for small events and an inexpensive concierge service for large events.
Description We have automated Party and Event Planning. Here is one among many services you can create with
You have a small social event like a Collegues Farewell or Just a Birthday Party. You can go to our Service and Select
a) Party at a Restaurant
You will get prenegotiated packages of Food,Drinks and Services. You can fine tune your selection ,check availability and book with an advance.
b)Now you want to invite people and colelct Rs 1000 per head.
All you eed to do is go to Launch your event.
If its a Free Event issue free tickets to guests. In case its a paid event, issue tickets at a price you set.
You can do a variety of ticketing options.You can price some tickets at Rs 1000/- ,
Others at Rs 1500/- with a pick up and drop service to the Party Venue
We also offer a Very Personalised service for Large Corporate Events and Weddings
Mission To curate and match the best set of venue ,catering and event services with budget and deliver an experience beyond expectations through cutting edge internet technologies ,patented process’s and customer relations management. Create value for our customers to earn their lifetime loyalty.
Overview Our USP and more...
1.First Indian catering platform to bring a group and party ordering online. Applicable to Deliver, take away and full services 2.First Global restaurant ordering platform to facilitate group reservations set meals 3. First Global Private chef ordering service 4.Unique venue reservation service coming soon 5.Free Event ticketing platform 6.Weddings Listing service coming soon 7.Fashion affiliate marketing website. Party wear selling and hiring 8. Partying blogs 9. Over 0.5 million pre-launch audiences in social media 10. Bindass Brand:-)
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