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About Comprehensive product lines of CCTV, NVR, Access control system and IP Mega Pixel camera, for more info please visit us to AL RAYYAN COMPLEXE PO 22904 Doha
Description A good solution for easy integration between IP and analog
- Free Smart Video Analytic
- Diversified applications in video surveillance.
- access control System.
- license plate recognition
- System design and Networking solution.

a special competitive price for Geovision product as per MOI Regulation.
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Tarek - Tel: +97466648450
mail: tarek(at)microserve(.)qa
website: www.microserve.qa
Mission Everyone at Microserve discovers a personal interpretation of "greatest" that supports what they do, every day. However it is not about revenues, profitability or growth. It is about being recognized as being the greatest in our field of service. It means being the best at what we do, and how we do it - bringing service to life. That recognition comes from those we deal with.
Phone +97444140999
Web site www.microserve.qa

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