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About Insect Repellent Fabric & Fabric Conditioner. Natural and safe for the whole family. A travel necessity to ensure an easy and bite-free holiday!
Description All ARNYWEAR product ranges including the ARNYWEAR ‘Active’ and ARNYWEAR ‘Relax ranges are made from technologically advanced fabrics that contain a unique, powerful and totally natural insect repelling agent which is genuinelly safe even for your children.

The ifabric technology used in all ARNYWEAR branded products has been clinically tested and proven by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to provide continuous protection against mosquitoes, midges, horse flies, ticks and over 3000 other varieties of unwelcome biting insects.

Mogo is the world's first natural insect repellent fabric conditioner. It utilises the patented Arnywear active ingredient, combined with a high quality fabric conditioner base, to produce the world's only insect-repelling washing additive.
When you add it to your wash thousands of microcapsules of natural Lemon Eucalyptus extract are released that then attach themselves to the fibres of the clothes creating a ‘no-bite-zone’. When the clothing is worn, body heat and movement activate these capsules, providing protection for the wearer for at least 24 hours.
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