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About Committed to build quality, feel and tone.
Description After years of playing and research into what makes a guitar what it is, I wanted to build an electric guitar that combines the best of woods, electronics, hardware and hand- built quality that I've come to believe results in the best sound and playability. I use only premium woods in my bodies and use the best source of necks that give the guitar player a true design capability goes far above the custom shops of most manufacturers. My neck connection, which I view as the most important aspect of the tonal character of the instrument is done with machine inserts embedded into the neck heel and attached with 1/4" machine screws. Not my idea, but the best in my opinion. I use nitrocellulose lacquer on all my finishes as I believe it provides the best aging of the woods. In short, I want my guitars to sound better 20 years from now than they do today, and I want them to be the best guitar you've ever played today.
Mission To build a guitar that is inside a players head, not on a shelf.
Overview To provide a hand built electric guitar that is designed from the bottom up by the player.
Web site http://www.wgbristolcustomguitars.com/

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