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Description We are a shipping company, with our niche on ocean and air shipping, import/export between Malaysia and neighboring Asian countries.

We also cater for other cases of transport!

Are you running a small time business, shipping stuff overseas? Perhaps importing cargo into Malaysia via FOB terms?

-Perhaps you need a lorry transport for transportation within Malaysia?
-Maybe you require shipping many containers exporting Oversea every month?

We provide almost all forms of logistics services! Here's a few examples:
cheap air freight and sea freight rates to East Malaysia and international locations!
*Troubled over your shipping? Afraid of crazy duty? Special case shipments services available!
-Low Loader Heavy Transport (Carry Excavators, Odd shaped large items like water tower, bulldozers, construction machinery, etc)

-Lorry Transport: LOCAL AND CROSS BORDER TRANSPORTATION (Export To Thailand, Export To Singapore, or even Import from those countries)

1 tonne, 3 tonne, 5 tonne, 10 tonne, 25 tonne, 40 tonne, or perhaps in 20 footer, 40 footer, or those that carry sand, or those general cargo trailer truck, bonded truck, box van, YOU NAME IT, WE GOT IT.

-Shipping services
CIF shipment of a 20 GP full container to Jiangxi province for example.
Or perhaps just a small cargo of at least 1 cubic meter (1 m3), we can help you with your shipping requirements.
Some customers ship frequently, over 300 containers every month, big volume, big shipments.

-Forwarding services, Customs Clearance, Door to door, port to port, EVERYTHING CAN BE HANDLED BY US.

-House Moving
-Air freight cargo (East Malaysia & International Destinations)
-Vessel chartering: Chartering an entire vessel, shipping to overseas, for liquid or loose bulk form.

Need help Shipping to Malaysia?

Mission Never Say No.
Phone 6012-4265186, 6012-4321 282, 604-826 7782 FAX:604-659 2282
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