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About Aims to provide professional saloon level hair styling/ hair care services at an affordable price to all.
Description A professional hairstylist with over 15 years of experience in hair styling and hair care for customers of various age groups. A graduate from Reds Academy, I have extensive work experience for my alma mater. A passionate learner with a keen eye for the latest hairstyling trends.

Besides providing hair styling services, I also seek to provide customers with advices pertaining to areas such as suitability of hair style according the angle of one's face, providing hair styling tips tailored to each individual. I do provide alternative services such as Bonding, Perming, Colouring/ Highlighting too. Furthermore, I also do provide Hair treatments such as Protein treatment, Scalp treatment etc.

I only use reputable and reliable hair product brand such as GoldWell, Nioxin and KMS California.

Hair Styling Price List:

Wash & Cut & Styling (Standard): Men $10 Ladies $12 and above(subject to hair length)

Colouring(Single): Men $20 Ladies $25 and above(subject to hair length

Retouching of Hair roots: Men $20 Ladies $25 and above(subject to hair length

Highlight + Base Colours (2 colours): Men $35 Ladies $45 and above(subject to hair length

Digital Perm: $100 to $180 (subject to hair length)

Normal Perm: $35 and above (subject to hair length)

Soft Rebonding: $90 and above(subject to hair length)

Hair Treatment Price list:

2 Step Protein Treatment: $30 and above

3 Step Hairmask Treatment: $35 and above

5 Step Silk Treatment (tailored for customers who rebond their hair regularly):
$35 and above

Scalp Treatment ( tailored for individuals facing hair loss):
Men: $25 and above Ladies: $35 and above

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to call/sms me on hp: 93696970 anytime. You can also send me a message through facebook too.

Phone 93696970

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