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About International Destination Wedding & Fashion Photographer- by Patrick Soon Contact me: or by phone +60174550092
Description " Hi, I am Patrick Soon*. I create this fan page its because separate between my advertising photography company (studio moonspell) and my personal international destination wedding photoshoot projects. Currently,i have received a huge number of wedding photoshoot this year and next year for international destination wedding booking. (Speech by Me)

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Patrick Soon graduated in University of East London (London) - Visual Communication Graphic Design in bachelor of Art with Honour. Since 1999-2005 in London for art & design, photography and film. He has inspired by the British Culture throughout the half decade in Greater London, and the first Andy warhol and then Man Ray. In London, most of his time, he practically inside the traditional darkroom to develop his own photo til mid of 2005. End of 2005, he start his digital era. End 2005, he made up decision to come back to Penang, Malaysia. From there, quickly end of 2005 he started in Wedding Bridal house. Till 2007, he moved his career in KDU college as a photography lecturer for a year and Studio Moonspell started at the same time, until today. PASSION+PASSIONATE= FUN &
ENJOY my own full time job as a fashion photographer and international destination wedding photographer ^ o ^ ! Nothing much more better than travelling, Patrick Soon spends 45% of his time for travelling; car, flight, ship, bike, train, walk, run & tube...What else i can think? lolx

P.S: Here will fill in much more of the fine art wedding photos and actual day wedding moments and of cause the perfectly marriage couple - bride & bridegroom.

Please enjoy and relax while browsing. Thanks for supporting & Always have a great time ahead! Thanks you and feel to email me to or any booking @

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