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About Vintage posters collection
Description La famille Marci, c’est une histoire d’imprimeurs qui commence en 1819!
La collection Affiches Marci rassemble des tirages de l’imprimerie Marci mais également des affiches provenant du monde entier.
La collection se compose de nombreux posters couvrant différents
courants ésthétiques signés par de grands noms comme
Cassandre, Colin, Toulouse-Lautrec,...
Actuellement, nous proposons la location d’affiches originales pour
tous événements ou expositions.
Pour habiller vos intérieurs, vous pouvez également commander des
reproductions de toutes les affiches de la collection et dans
tous les formats.

Who we are?
Marci family it's a printer story that begins in 1819! The Affiches Marci collection includes posters from l'Imprimerie Marci but also posters from all around the world. The collection consists of numerous posters covering different aesthetic trends signed by big names like Cassandre, Colin, Toulouse-Lautrec, ...
Currently we offer the rental of original posters all events and exhibitions.
To dress up your interior, you can also order reproductions of all the posters in the collection and all formats.

Gerard Marci acquires recognized skills and expertise in the area of the poster thanks to his trade as a printer. But it was his love for those few grams of paper that prompted him to collect them. Posters are designed to be ephemeral; Gerard Marci wanted them immortal. Selected tastefully framed with care, they found him with eternal youth. The collections have never been exposed. Today, they are to be shared. The collection offers rental of original posters for all events, demonstrations or exhibits. You can also order prints of all the posters of the collection.
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